Seven Super Travel Apps


Here are the apps we’ve found extremely useful in our travels.

Some of them I have used on a daily basis! The links are to Google Play store for Android)

G Translate

Google Translate

Google translate is an amazing tool! Update it while on Wi-Fi and download for offline usage the languages you will need. Very useful when looking at a menu! A neat feature that works with Internet is taking a picture of words or sentences and it will translate it!

Maps with me Lite (or payed)

Maps with me Lite (or payed)

The free version allows you to download offline maps of countries or cities. You can use the GPS without using Data. You can’t bookmark a place or search in the free version.
We created a whole page explaining how to use this app, called Map it Yourself . Soon, we will add more map apps – so be on the lookout!


XE Currency Converter.

Update it when you have Wi-Fi – use it when you don’t!

Google maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is absolutely awesome! (Though frustrating sometimes because they seem to keep changing it and it’s not always for the best!) The main problem is that it is not available offline. While on Wi-Fi or 3G, use it to get directions by foot, car and public transportation in the big cities. *Loading maps does take lots of bandwith.*



Tripadvisor is a great tool to when you want to know more about a place, to read reviews, to get tour/routes ideas.

Map my walk

Map my Walk

Map my Walk is great to use before, during or after a walk. You can create a route you will walk or walked, and it will give you info on the distance, the elevation and more. Really great to keep track of detailed routes and your workouts.

Rick Steves

Rick Steves

If you are touring Europe, this app is a godsend! You can listen to podcasts from Rick Steves’ travel show, but the BEST part is the free walking tours in this app. The walking tours are downloadable on your phone, with a map and audio tracks. Browse per country and find your city. It’s such a great app!


7 awesome apps that make travelling easy and fun!

7 awesome apps that make travelling easy and fun!

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