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No one wants to feel bad on vacation, so here’s our tips for staying fit and healthy while you cruise.

4314530838_65c57bb85f_zHealth and Hygiene

Of course, its easier for germs to spread in a closed spaces, and with so many people on board, you’ll want to follow a few simple precautions.

Wash your hands regularly.

All cruise ships have hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere.  Do yourself a favor and use them, every time you pass one.

Stay hydrated.

You’re going to be running around a lot more than normal, and you’ll be especially dehydrated if you’re consuming more alcohol or spending more time in the sun or hot tub than normal.  Dehydration can cause fainting and other problems, so stay on top of it and drink plenty of water.

Get plenty of sleep.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but cruise it yourself advocates lots of walking, and you’ll need plenty of energy.  Get your rest.

Eat healthy.  

It’s easy to go overboard at the buffet on a cruise, but also very easy to keep your diet in check.   Many healthy options will exist, including lighter selections noted on the dining menus.   It’s also helpful to remember events which revolve around food, such as tea times or midnight chocolate buffets.  Go lighter on lunch or dinner if you plan to indulge in these events.

If you take vitamins, bring them and take them like you normally do (Vitamin C, Zinc just might help fight off a cold)


4641005792_c4b939d0b5_zKeeping Fit

If you’re already active in a fitness program, don’t worry, you can absolutely keep it up on board.

Use the gym.  

All cruise lines have fitness centers which can accommodate workouts of all ranges.  The gym will often be busy on the first or second day of the cruise, and then empty for the duration as people stop going, so you can have the place to yourself!

Sponsored Events.  

Many cruises will have sponsored fitness events, such as charity walks around the promenade, or basketball tournaments.  These are a great way to stay active and meet some of your fellow cruisers.

Look for free classes.

Though most fitness classes will have a price, you can often find some classes throughout the cruise which are free.  Keep watch for these in your daily cruise planner or ask the fitness director once you board if there will be any free classes.


8116082155_3baaa26b08_zMedical Issues

Just in case something goes wrong on your cruise, it’s good to know what to do.


If you are prone to sea sickness, or aren’t sure if you might be, be sure to book your stateroom accordingly.   You want a room in the middle or rear of the ship, as low as possible.  You don’t want to show up for your first cruise in a room on a high floor in the front of the ship.  That’s going to move the most.

If you are feeling sea sick, try to stay low and rear as much as possible.

You will be able to purchase sea sickness bracelets on board, which may or may not work well for you.  Dramamine ( a medicine to combat motion sickness)  is not always available onboard, so it’s a good idea to bring some from home, especially if you don’t know how you’ll react at sea.  You can order some here from amazon.

There is often a special room service menu which contains foods for those feeling queasy.  I once thought this meal was so good, I ordered it multiple times when I wasn’t feeling bad.

Gastrointestinal Issues

While norovirus is no more common in cruise ships than anywhere else in your daily life, there’s a heightened concern to keep the ship sterile.

It’s best to not shake hands.  Westerners don’t want to be seen as rude, but hand to hand contact should be avoided as much as possible.

If you do feel intestinal distress, think of others and stay in your stateroom.

Contact the ships physician to inform them of your condition.

Be sure to continue being vigilant in washing your hands.

Other than the extreme discomfort, the most common side effects are fatigue and dehydration, so of course drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated and get plenty of rest.

Other Medical Issues

Modern cruise ships have quite capable medical staff and facilities, and whatever your ailment, they have likely seen it all before.  Don’t be afraid to use these services at the cost of having further serious problems.   This medical care is qualified as private, so you will need to pay upfront via your credit card and have  private or travel insurance in order to claim the cost once you are home.  We have used these services before and found the costs to be lower than expected.




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