Santorini, Greece

View  from Oia

Fall in love with the iconic island of Santorini.

The official name of Santorini is Thira or Thera (also pronounced Fira). The capital of the island is also called Fira. It is the first town you see right above the old port of Skala; the port where your cruise ship tender will drop you off. The old port of Skala is the small port that tends to tenders, taxi-boats and excursion boats. The Greek Ferries dock in the new port called Athenios.


Here you are, just off the tender in the old port, but you still need to make it to the top of the volcano rim.

Once you reach the port, you have four choices to get to the top:
1- Climb the 566 broad steps (not recommended for those with medical conditions or a heat sensitive- pack a water bottle and head wear).
2- Take the cable car to the top (3 minute ride – there will be a long waiting line to get in, but it moves fast – 4 €).
3- Ride a donkey (exotic experience, however can be uncomfortable and smelly – around 8 €).
4- Take a boat and a bus to Oia (pronounced  iiiiiia – around 25€).






Everyone talks about the caldera. What is it? Where is it?
A caldera is a land created after a volcanic eruption. When people mention Caldera, they are usually talking about the part with the view of the volcano and of the sunset (the caldera wall).

Oia and Fira are the two main towns; they both have narrow white streets filled with restaurants, bars, quaint shops and cafés. You can easily spend hours discovering the beautiful white washed streets.  It is easy to rent a car, a scooter or a quad, as long as you have the right permits and insurance.

If your cruise ship is leaving during sunset, don’t worry, you’ll have the best seat in the house!

As any touristy city, beware of pick pockets in crowded area and public transportation or the beach.



Since all of the bus routes stop by Fira, the town is a great central place to visit the island from. The Bus prices vary between 1.20 to 2.30 € .

We’ve included the bus stops on the map. 
Visit the Santorini Public Buses KTEL website 


Currency Euro €
Language Greek
Shops Opening Hours And Holidays 9:00-13:00, 17:30-20:30, Saturday until 15:00, closed on Sunday, January 1 & 6 March 25, August 15, October 28, Dec 25 & 26, Easter Holidays (Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday).
Must Try Foods Grilled octopus, frappé (coffee), Mythos beer, Gyros.
Must See Sights Town of Fira, Town of Oia (Ia), Ancient Akrotiri, Volcano
Local Products Olive oil, leather products, handmade soaps and pottery, jewelry and souvenirs made out of volcanic rock.
Taxi The main taxi stand is in Fira, below the main square. Sometimes taxi might charge per person. Double check if there is a meter, if not agree on the price before getting in the cab. Minimum charge is 2 euro.
Tip 5-10% in restaurants. Round up the taxi bill.
Tax V.A.T. in Greek: ΦΠΑ up to 25% of total. Non-European Union citizens can get some charges refunded.
Beaches There are 10 main beaches around the island; most of them are accessible by bus. The other beaches are more secluded and harder to get to.
Renting A Vehicle Travelers from the European Union can rent with a national driver’s license. International travelers need more often than not an international driver’s license. Consider getting the Collision Damage Waiver coverage. Driving in Greece is on the right hand side of the road.
Emergency Contact If you are in trouble or feel you have been scammed, you can call the Tourist Police #171.Police #100 – Ambulance #166  –  Fire #199
Time Zone UTC +2 (+3) Eastern European (Summer) Time


This map provides information on the main touristic sites of Santorini, bus stations and beaches.

If you are traveling right now, view Santorini, Greece  in a larger map for better navigation on your mobile browser.

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 You can download the KML map file right here once you have a map application installed.    officialkmlSMALL




 View Santorini, Greece in a larger map



Go up to Thira and visit the town. Then you can take a bus and go to Perissa for some beach time.
Take a taxi boat to Oia (some boats sell you a package with a bus to Fira), visit Oia, Fira, and head down back to the ship.
Go up to Thira and visit the town. Rent a quad and discover Santorini like a local.
Go up to Thira and visit the town. Take the bus to Ancient Akrotiri. Visit the ruins left by the volcano and then head to Red Beach.



We’ve made a pdf file containing this information, so you can copy it to your mobile device or print it and read it on your cruise. Click here to download it! The pocket guide does not include the map which is only digital.


Everything you need to visit Santorini! Information about: Shopping, Beaches, Restaurants, Buses and a very useful map with the nicest spots! #Santorini #Greece #Greekislands #cruise

Everything you need to visit Santorini! Information about: Shopping, Beaches, Restaurants, Buses and a very useful map with the nicest spots! #Santorini #Greece #Greekislands #cruise

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