Mykonos, Greece


Discover Shirley Valentine’s island and see why everyone is raving about Mykonos!

Welcome to Mykonos, this island’s golden sandy seashores and traditional Cycladic architecture will surely give you the best Greece has to offer.

The great thing about Mykonos is that you have a variety of things to do. The beaches are easily accessible through the KTEL island bus system or by renting a scooter, a quad or a car for the day. Taxis are always available as well.

You can easily spend 2 hours in Mykonos Town (Hora). Its narrow streets are filled with restaurants, bakeries, bars, art galleries, luxurious boutiques and souvenir stores. You will probably get lost in those streets since they were built to confuse pirates. You can head to the beach after you walk in town; you have over 30 beaches to choose from!


Your cruise ship will most likely dock in the New Port. Smaller ships usually use tenders. The tenders will drop you off near the ferry for Delos in the old town (Hora). There are many options to get to the old town (Hora) from the new port:

1- Bus – the bus will take you to the old port, and from there you will walk about 10 minutes. 1.60 €

2-Seabus (water taxi) is 2 € and will drop you off in the old town. (This is our preferred mode of transportation-it’s very fun to arrive by little boat)

Visit the official transport website: KTEL Mykonos Island Bus Schedule and routes

The main bus station is called Fabrika. It is the perfect spot to continue exploring the island. See Map for details.



Currency Euro €
Language Greek
Shops Opening Hours And Holidays 9:00-13:00, 17:30-20:30, Saturday until 15:00, closed on Sunday, January 1 & 6 March 25, August 15, October 28, Dec 25 & 26, Easter Holidays (Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday).
Must Try Foods Grilled octopus,frappé (coffee), Mythos beer,Gyros
Must See Sights Windmills, Little Italy, Old town (Hora), Delos, Paradise Beach
Local Products Olive oil , leather products, handmade soaps and pottery , hand painted Byzantine icons
Taxi Double check if there is a meter, if not agree on the price before getting in the cab.
Tip 5-10% in restaurants. Round up the taxi bill.
Tax V.A.T. in Greek: ΦΠΑ up to 25% of total. Non-European Union citizens can get some charges refunded (with a receipt).
Beaches The beaches in the south are more organized with sun beds, restaurants and bars. The northern beaches are simpler and calmer. The top party beaches in Mykonos are: Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia, Lia, Plati Gialo, and Paraga.
If you have only a few hours, there are 2 beaches near Hora; they are accessible through a small road in the back of Fabrika station.
Renting A Vehicle Travelers from the European Union can rent with a national driver’s license. International travelers need more often than not an international driver’s license. Consider getting the Collision Damage Waiver coverage. Driving in Greece is on the right hand side of the road.
Emergency Contact If you are in trouble or feel you have been scammed, you can call the Tourist Police #171.Police #100 – Ambulance #166  –  Fire #199
Time Zone UTC +2 (+3) Eastern European (Summer) Time


This map provides information on the main touristic sites of Mykonos.

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Take the water taxi to town (Hora) and discover the little narrow streets buzzing with life. Finish your walk near Fabrika, the main bus station. Take the bus to the famous Paradise beach. See why everyone is raving about this party place.
Take the bus to the old port and enjoy a small walk to town. You will be amazed by the beauty of the little white washed houses on the hill. Visit Hora and have lunch in a quaint restaurant. Head to Fabrika, the main bus station and live dangerously. Take the first bus that comes and see where it takes you. Make sure to leave enough time to return to your cruise ship.
Take the water taxi to Hora. As soon as you step off the boat, you will see little ferries taking people to Delos. Buy a ticket at the booth and hop on the ferry.  Spend a few hours in Delos, and when you return, have lunch in a quaint restaurant and discover the beauty of Mykonos town.




We’ve made a pdf file containing this information, so you can copy it to your mobile device or print it and read it on your cruise. Click here to download it! The pocket guide does not include the map which is only digital.

Cruise Mykonos Yourself

Everything you need to know to spend your day in Mykonos!

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