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When we started traveling, I was very excited about creating maps and routes. Our days were going to be so efficient, we knew where we were going and we were not going to get lost… until our first touristy day in Paris, where Google Maps did not seem to be as perfect as we imagined! Thus the beginning of an endless research for the perfect map app.

Every city we have been to, we created a map and pinned important location and information on it. Now, when my family is on vacation, we all use these maps as basis to plan our days. So why not share it with the Internet family and make everyone’s travels easier?


It’s very easy to use our maps!
If you have an Internet connection while traveling, simply visit our appropriate port page on your mobile browser (Chrome works best on Android) and click on “view <port-name> in a larger map”.You can view the map in Chrome or in Google Maps Engine.

Don’t forget to turn your GPS on! Have fun touring!


Now, what if you won’t have access to Internet while traveling?

It gets more complicated.

You can use Maps with Me, but the free version does not allow you to have saved locations.

You can use Locus Map Free, but it can get technical.

You can also save a simple map (without pins) on your Android Maps app.

remember that the GPS function still works if you are offline.

 Learn how :
Maps with me Lite (or payed)

Maps With Me Lite (or paid)

Quick tutorial on how to view the Cruise it Yourself maps with Maps with Me.

Best for offline use if you pay.

Locus Map Free

Quick tutorial on how to view the Cruise it Yourself maps with Locus Map Free.

Works with offline use.



Saving maps on your Android phone for offline use.

The tutorial is on its way …..


Galileo Offline Maps IOS

For iphones and ipads.

The tutorial is on its way …..



If you’re like me and like discovering new apps, and figuring technical things out, then this next section is for you.

Google Maps Engine

Quick tutorial on how to view the Cruise it Yourself maps with Google Maps Engine.

Best with online use.

Google Earth

Quick tutorial on how to view the Cruise it Yourself maps with Google Earth

Best with online use.


Create ur own maps

Learn how to export and import KML files.



My goal was to find a map that even my mom can use with very few instructions. I have not attained it yet. But I will share with you what I found – and please, if you know of any amazing map app let me know!


Cruise it Yourself, Ben and Rea are not affiliated to any of these apps. We suggest them because we used them and thought they could be useful to you.

I would love to create my own travel map app, but my technical skills are far from getting me there!

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