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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located in the southern-east tip of Spain.
It is an easy stop, since everything can be visited without rush.

The Gibraltar bus info website is very reliable and up to date with timetables and maps. The bus price is £1.50 for a single ride and £2.25 for an all-day ticket.
There is a cable car that runs from the bottom of the rock to the top.
Prices: Adults one way: £8.50; round-trip: £10.50 Children one way: £4.50; round-trip: £5
The cable car stop is marked on our map.


Currency Gibraltar pound £ – On par with the British pound, which is accepted everywhere; however Gibraltar currency is not accepted outside Gibraltar. Euros are widely accepted.
Language Official: English Spoken languages: Spanish & Llanito (Yanito)
Shops Opening Hours And Holidays 10:00-18:00, Saturday until 13:30, closed on Sunday(except touristic shops), January 1, March 10, May 1, June 16, Sept 10, Dec 25, Easter Holidays (Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday), Worker’s Memorial Day
Must Try Foods Calentita, Pan dulce, Rolitos, Fish ‘n chips
Must See Sights Europa Point, the Rock, Water Gate
Local Products Tabacco, roasted coffee, beer, and canned fish.
Taxi Taxis will be waiting for you at the exit of the port. They will offer you rides to the top of the rock or even day trips. When we were there, prices were reasonable. Simply decide how you would like to spend your day.
Tip No tipping for drinks, 5-10% in restaurants. Round up the taxi bill.
Beaches This tiny precious land has 6 beaches! Most of them are on the Eastern side. See map for location.
Renting A Vehicle You need to rent a car in the Spain, right at the border and then drive with it to Gibraltar. Unless you plan to drive to Spain, we suggest you take the bus or walk.
Emergency Contact Emergency #199 or 112 – Fire and ambulance #190
Time Zone UTC +1 (+2) Central European (Summer) Time


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Walk to the Water Gate and enjoy a coffee in the main square. Walk to the top of the rock and meet the Barbary macaques (monkeys) who made the rock their home. Walk down and enjoy a cool beer in one of the pub before getting back on the ship.
Walk to the Water Gate. You will find the main bus stop. Take the bus to the beach and enjoy a day under the sun.
Walk around just like we did! We walked into town and went into a few stores. It was fun to see the British and Spanish culture mix together like that. We then walked to Europa point. Just follow the route south. Gibraltarians are really nice, you can even fake being lost to strike up a nice conversation ;o) We spent half an hour walking around Europa point, and took the bus back to town and enjoyed a cold beer in the main square.


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A map of Gibraltar with all the places to visit and how to get there.

A map of Gibraltar with all the places to visit and how to get there.

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