Alicante, Spain


Alicante is in the heart of Costa Blanca, one of the most popular vacation destinations.

it is also the great undiscovered food destination, where you eat the best in Spain. The restaurant scene is up and coming and it’s only a matter of time before Alicante hits the spotlight.

The first thing to know, is that the City of Alicante offers buses from the cruise ship to the front of the port (near the roundabout). The port is easily walkable, but double check if there is any construction work going on, the side walk might be blocked.

There are many things to visit and do in Alicante. With its tram system, it is easy to go to the northern beaches, and if you don’t want to hassle with transportation, there is a beach just outside the port called El Postiguet, that has all the amenities you might need.  If you are more into discovering and hiking, you can go on top of the Santa Barbara Castle and admire miles of Mediterranean coast and see medieval weapons, canons and towers.   To get to the Santa Barbara Castle, walk out of the pier, through the beach sidewalk until you get to a white pedestrian bridge. Once you cross it, turn left, go down the stairs and walk towards the sidewalk (as if you were going back to the pier). You will find some stairs and an entrance door; It’s the elevator for going to the top of the hill. The ticket machine is at the front of the corridor and it costs € 2.40 to use the elevator (single or round trip). Make sure you have cash on you. The machine might be tricky to use, make sure you are pressing the right buttons on the right screen.  There are no entrance fees for the castle.

If you want to see everything, you can take the Turibus for €10. It has 10 convenient stops; and it will take you up to the Santa Barbara Castle, and the main sites of Alicante.

Elche, with its Muslim & baroque past, is very close to Alicante and easily accessible. It is a Unesco World Heritage site. You can get to Elche by train  or by bus for less than €3. Here is the link for the bus schedule, the train might not run as often as the bus. Visit the Renfe website for accurate information. No reservation needed, just get to the bus or train station. Taxi is about €40 one way.


The Alicante Metropolitan Tram is a light system rail with an underground modern tramway. The 4-line tram goes to all the major northern suburbs. There is no tram to Elche, however there are plans to extend it to there.
The terminal is at the Luceros Station, under Plaza de Los Luceros. Mercado Station is the closest to the port (L1-L3-L4). Upon leaving the port, turn left on Calle San Fernando and turn right on Rambla Mendez Nunez. The station is at the corner of Av. de  Jaime II.Tickets are €1.35 for zone A and € 2.50 for zone B.  Visit the Alicante Metropolitain Website for prices of all the zones.
Visit the Alicante Metropolitain Tram website for more information. Click here for the pdf of the stations and their zoning.


Currency Euro €
Language Spanish
Shops Opening Hours And Holidays Monday – Saturday 9:30-13:30 and from 16:30-20:00.Holidays are January 1st, 6th, May 1st, August 15th, October 12th, November 1st, December 6th, 8th, & 25, Good Friday (Easter)
Must Try Foods Fish, Turron (sweet nougat), Paella alicantina
Must See Sights Castillo de Santa Barbara, Playa El Postiguet
Local Products Wine, Olive oil, Iberian Pork products, Leather, Saffron (€ 60 for 25 grams), Hand held fans
Taxi The minimum is € 3.10 and each additional km is € 1.80  TeleTaxi (tel. 965-101-611) RadioTaxi (965-910-123)
Tip (propina in Spanish) If the service is good round up the bill between 5-10% in restaurants. It is better to leave tips in cash. Round up the taxi bill and tipping is expected in upscale settings.
Beaches The closest beach is Playa El Postiguet. It has all amenities and is accessible by foot. For more beaches on the Costa Blanca, see map.
Renting A Vehicle There are a lot of rental companies available in Alicante (see map); the earlier you book, the more choices you have.  It is always better to travel with an International Driving License.
Emergency Contact  #112
Time Zone UTC +1 (+2) Central European (Summer) Time


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Spend the day at the beach. Walk out of the ship with your sandals and beach towel. To the right, you will see the beautiful and well maintained El Postiguet Beach. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
View the city from up high. Visit the Santa Barbara Castle and view the picturesque Alicante. It is much bigger and denser than expected.
Been there, done that? Take the tram from Mercado Station and spend the day under the sun in Alicante’s longest beach,  Playa San Juan (tram station Cabo Huertas Station or Costa Blanca)






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